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Music at Chateau Belvedere Chateau Belvedere is a Concerts In Your Home music venue. CIYH Music @ Chateau Belvedere is a Concerts In Your Home Venue. We get paid nothing.

We enjoy opening our house to traveling musicians to provide them an opportunity to play a concert for our friends, family and colleagues. It is a great way to be introduced to talented musical acts which you might otherwise never hear about. I will be having concerts approximately once a month and the genre will be wide enough to appeal to everybody....from Americana to Jazz to Rock to Instrumen

talists, we will have it all. We do this for two reasons. To meet new musicians and to provide them with a means of adding additional dates to their tour. A couple free meals and a free place to sleep for them is also a great deal. Come support the US music scene. The talent is remarkable.


I will no longer be doing House Concerts. I don’t know if this is permanent or just me taking a break. But 7 out of 9 of the last shows i have tried to put on have been messed up by COVID. It is too much work to put in to setting one of these shows up to have it ruined by anything. So, for now, i give up.


Nashville is about to be filled with the sweet sounds of guitars! 🤩🎶🎸 I'm thrilled to be joining ‘s Guitar Camp USA this weekend. 🕺We’ll be kicking off tonight at Grand Hyatt - ready to ROCK! 😎🌠✨🎵🎸


Oct 7 Roger Jaeger will be in the house.  Use the link below to RSVP.  This is a private event and only those known by t...

Oct 7 Roger Jaeger will be in the house. Use the link below to RSVP. This is a private event and only those known by the Host are welcome to attend.

supporting public venues that feature intimate concerts.


Great new song by our friends, Flagship Romance


being an artist is weird.
you create a thing,
a process that is so special & intimate.
then eventually you release it,
an experience that is equal parts
ridiculously exciting & anxiety-inducing.
you hope your work moves people,
the way that making it moved you.
or you simply hope people find out
that you even released a new thing.
that’s a whole other mega struggle. 😂
these two smiling faces
are here to let you know
that we put out a new thing today.
and it’s a thing we think you’ll like.
it’s called “lightning in a bottle.”⚡️
we hope you’ll listen to it today,
and maybe even send it to a friend?
that’d be really cool. 😊
we love you so much.
and your support keeps us going.
xo SF & JJ

Next concert is Oct 7 Roger Jaeger.

Next concert is Oct 7 Roger Jaeger.


Merry Christmas to all.


This is a section of Juno Beach where dogs can have fun. I saw about 30 dogs during my walk.


August 20, 2022. Sold out show for 105 people. WOW


August 20, 2022 we finally have a real Post Covid concert. 105 people are signed up to see Ricky Young and Payton Taylor play for us. Two solo acts. My first time ever.


Leesburg, VA



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